We owe our success to our employees
The foundation of our company is our people, because they are the largest and most important asset we have.

Our team consists of young and highly skilled people, deeply involved in implemented projects. We are aware that the quality of services, the culture of the company and its external image depends on them. It is them who contribute in creating new procedures, solutions, products and services we offer.


Thanks to their commitment, hard work and full dedication, our company is growing so fast.

Sukces pracowników Novatek 

We can help you effectively thanks to our:

  • competence — we have solid knowledge and skills supported by hands-on experience in the gas industry; moreover, we are constantly developing and expanding our skills;
  • specialization  we have strictly defined business profile and focus on what we do best;
  • commitment and flexibility  each and every Customer is treated individually, with full attention;
  • professionalism  we are oriented towards Customer needs; at every stage, the job is performed by persons with experience in specific issues;
  • openness  we are ready to take on new challenges, the implement innovative solutions and begin cooperation with other Partners;
  • labour standards  we operate according to specific procedures and provide solutions in accordance with recognized standards, hence the correctness of our work can be verified and its results can still be improved;
  • partners  we work with the best Partners in order to serve our common Customers as good as possible.

Do you want to join us?

If you want to join our team, please refer to our jobs offer. Even if employees of your profile are not looked for currently, write to us, if your expertise is in line with the profile of our company. It is possible that we can offer you an interesting model of cooperation.
If you are interested in cooperating with us as a Partner, you are welcome to contact us.