Novatek Green Energy’s History and Key Events



  • On 15th September, a limited liability company Novatek Polska Sp. z o.o. is registered.


  • To provide constant deliveries of LP gas to Novatek customers in Poland, the company starts cooperation with strategic handling terminals all over the country.
  • Novatek begins to wholesale LP gas.
  • Novatek Polska finalises the acquisition of Intergaz-System company, thus becoming the owner of a handling terminal on the so-called LHS rail line (Board Gauge Metallurgy Line or Polish: Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa).


  • Retail Sale Department is created, offering Novatek product and services to individual customers.
  • Novatek company establishes its own transport fleet, gaining the ability to deliver LP gas to end-customers, and offer installation and maintenance services.
  • Novatek is announced the official sponsor of the 4th Masurian International Balloon Competition for the President of Ełk Cup.


  • Novatek Polska becomes a member of Polish Organisation of Liquid Petroleum Gas, an association actively engaged in the LP gas community life.
  • The company modernises the Novatek South Handling Terminal—a state-of-the-art construction amongst such facilities in Poland with the capacity of transfer 15,000 tons of LP gas a month.
  • The company continues to sponsor the ballooning competition and delivers propane gas required to heat the air inside the balloons taking part in the 5th Masurian International Balloon Competition.


  • Novatek Polska signs a contract with a limited liability company Statoil Fuel & Retail Polska Sp. z o.o. and takes control over the heating and industrial LP gas storage tank installations sector.
  • Novatek introduces two programmes of cooperation with business partners and retailers in the field of storage tank installations.
  • The company launches an on-line communication platform named the Customer Zone (Strefa Klienta), enabling thus quick and efficient order placing and access to information on the LP gas acquisition.


  • Novatek Polska company gains a strategic Partner and owing to that, it becomes the sole user of a handling terminal with a broad and normal track gauge rail lines near the town of Braniewo, in northern Poland.
  • Novatek Polska becomes the official sponsor of Krakowski Klub Żużlowy speedway club.
  • Novatek opens a modern LP gas bottling plant at the Novatek South Handling Terminal and introduces a new position into its trade portfolio: wholesale of LP gas in cylinders with delivery by Novatek transportation.
  • The company launches a new on-line tool for domestic LPG installations users – a discount calculator which allows users to choose the most economic propane delivery method and to benefit from the company’s discount policy to the maximum extent.


  • Cooperation with Shell Polska in the field of delivering autogas to petrol stations.
  • Novatek Polska wins AKCENTY 2014, a competition organised by the editor of website, who have been prizing extraordinary petrol market participants for several years.
  • The firm receives a license to trade natural gas in Poland and in the European Union countries.


  • The Novatek Polska company introduces a new service - GasProfit, which allows to settle accounts for liquid gas consumed for tank installations.
  • Establishment of a new Internet platform – the Partner Zone, supporting cooperation of the Novatek Polska company with its partners.
  • The company provides a new discounts calculator for users of household installations with GasProfit tariff.


  • Novatek Polska introduces new services related to the construction of regasification installations and LNG supply.
  • The company starts anti-smog communication actions as part of the "Coal will be banned..." campaign, promoting ecological heating with liquid gas.


  • Changing the company logo as a result of the global strategy of the Novatek PAO company.
  • Novatek Polska becomes a member of the Polish LNG Platform.