The Novatek Green Energy company has its own transshipment terminal for liquefied gas Novatek Południe near Kielce and the right to exclusive use of Novatek Północ Terminal in Piórków near Chruściel in Warmian-Masurian Voivodship.

Both buildings are located near a broad-gauge railway. Our own railway transport with tankers, directly from Russia to our own terminals located in Poland near LHS railway, ensures genuine origin of the product and high quality of gas, and eliminates additional reloading on narrow-gauge wagons.


The Transshipment Terminal Novatek Południe is one of the few liquefied gas terminals located directly next to the broad-gauge LHS track. The convenient location next to the station Gołuchów, 25 km from Kielce, makes efficient collection of the product by our Customers and its distribution to the further areas of the country.

Modern technology

Terminal Novatek Południe is currently one of the most modern transshipment terminals in Poland. It has parking positions for about 75 railroad cars, an unloading front for 30 broad-gauge railroad tanks and also 3 truck tanks loading stations equipped with car scales.


The automatic tank truck loading systems in use and also modern control and fire safety systems guarantee not only comfort in the course of loading and collecting gas, but, first of all, ensure full safety.


Investments in the most modern technological solutions of the value of about 4 million USD make it possible to obtain throughput amounting to 20,000 tons of gas a month, which guarantees quick and comfortable services for Customers in the course of transshipment.

Warehouse capacity

Six pressure warehouse tanks of the total capacity of 1200 cubic meters ensures the continued flow and correct functioning of LPG unloading process.
     Terminal Novatek Południe   Terminal Novatek Południe 




     Terminal Novatek Zachód   Terminal Novatek Zachód 


Publicly available information on protective measures  

Publicly available information on protective measures and procedures in case of accidents at the handling terminal premises