Tank installation is a gas installation powered by liquefied petroleum gas from tanks located outside of the building.

It is used wherever natural gas is not available. Then, the LP gas becomes an independent, efficient and versatile source of heating. The installation is simple, both to install and remove. It does not require a large boiler rooms or expensive infrastructure. Internal gas installations can also be used to supply natural gas. 

Benefits of using LPG for heating

LPG is a good solution for household heating systems. It can be used in central heating systems as well as for boiling water and food preparation. It is successfully used in a variety of technological processes in agriculture. It is a perfect complement to solar electricity because, if solar panels receive too little heat energy due to poor sunlight, LPG Novatek is ready to substitute for them.

Thanks to automatic switches in devices, LPG becomes a quiet and reliable partner in the production of heat in the household throughout the year.
• High energy efficiency
• Possibility of accurate device control, e.g. of air conditioner
• Monitoring consumption level and effective management
• Obtaining high controlled temperatures
• Higher efficiency of machinery and equipment fuelled with LPG
• Optimum use of fuel
• No costs and fixed charges


Household installation diagram (LPG installation):

LPG installation

Sample projects

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